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Tai Chi for Arthritis

Benefits Your Health and Happiness

If you follow our Social Media, you have likely seen a lot of attention lately about Tai Chi for Arthritis. Twice a week, a small group meets on the patio near the Visitors Center in Cedar City to participate in a Tai Chi for Arthritis class. Social distanced and outdoors, the class practices the foundations of Tai Chi, lead by volunteer leader Jack Strosnider and assisted by Tracy HeavyRunner. 

The science is clear, Tai Chi makes you healthier! Tai Chi reduces stress, anxiety and depression, improves mood, increases energy and stamina, improves flexibility, balance and agility and increases muscle strength. But it goes beyond science. This group of beginners is learning the health benefits of Tai Chi first-hand.

Cindy Rose, a first-time participant said “At first, I wasn’t very excited about trying Tai Chi, but my friend convinced me to give it a try. About halfway through the class, I wanted to give up. But the class encouraged me to stay. After the class, the instructor pulled me aside and explained that in Tai Chi, when you set your feet down, you extend roots, connecting you with the ground. I have balance issues and the idea of feeling planted and grounded is reassuring. He also talked about releasing stress and anxiousness as you open your hands. I know I could benefit from letting go of my stress and anxiousness.”

Tracy HeavyRunner added, “I was skeptical about Tai Chi at first too. How could something so slow and so low-impact actually make me healthier? But it really works! I feel healthier and it’s very easy on the body. Besides seeing my physical health and balance improved, the thing I like the most is the feeling of my own inner energy.”

Space is still available in the outdoor class in Cedar City. If you are interested in participating, you can register by going online to:

or by contacting Maria Bailey at (435)673-3548, or by email:

If attending in person is not an option for you but you still want to participate, contact Maria about the possibility of a Tai Chi class via Zoom.

Not sure, if it's for you, learn more by watching this video.

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