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Area Agency on Aging Programs

What's happening now?

We are doing great things in our various programs right now, and we would like to share some of those in this blog post by highlighting some of the new things we’ve implemented and even the organizing we are doing for when we’re able to get back into face-to-face! Take note of the opportunities available to you now and in the not so distant future!

RSVP: Retired Senior Volunteer Program and Preventative Health Classes

We are starting Walk with Ease on May 4th. Virtual classes designed by the Arthritis Foundation to help us with the goal for better health, less pain and improved fitness. This is a 6 week course, 3 times a week to do at your own pace. This can even be done sitting if that is safer.

We offer a Telephone Reassurance program where our volunteers reach out to others in the community to offer companionship and friendship.

We will be offering classes in Chronic Disease Self-Management, Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program and Stepping On hopefully beginning June.

We are looking at ways to bring Tai Chi to the screen. Our Tai Chi classes are for beginners as well as those who have experienced this exercise format. It shows us how to use slow, mindful movements to control and live better with arthritis. Join us in this fun and relaxing exercise program.

Contact Maria Bailey at 435-673-3548 x: 103 for more information

BEC/SHIP/SMP: Benefits Enrollment Center, Senior Health Insurance Assistance Program and Senior Medicare Patrol

The BEC, SHIP, and SMP programs have been busy working on finding ways to improve the way we deliver Medicare and benefit information when we can’t meet face to face. We have been working on a series of videos on popular topics, like Medicare and turning 65 and Choosing between Medigap and Medicare Advantage Plans. We have also been working with our local Senior Centers to deliver Medicare Messages by mail, with Meals on Wheels and through other means in place of reading a Medicare Message during the congregate meal. Lastly, we have been working with the Telephone reassurance program to provide Medicare messages during check-in calls.

We are also hard at work assisting with benefits screening and enrollment over the phone and through virtual platforms. We are following the changes to benefit eligibility and the application process, as well as doing our best to share that information and connect individuals with benefits. We encourage Medicare beneficiaries to contact us to be screened!

Call our main office for more information: 435-673-3548 or email.

We have been looking at various ways for our caregivers to stay connected and continue to have access to support and resources. Our first Virtual Support Group "Tea Time with Sheri" launches this week. The group will meet weekly, and will be a short time period for caregivers to make connections and obtain support from other caregivers. We have also created a YouTube channel for the Caregiver support program. Where we have started compiling resources for caregivers, such as this breathing exercise. Whether you are a caregiver or not, we are all stressed at this time, and this video is a quick way to alleviate at least some of that stress.

Senior Companion Program

Our Senior Companion Volunteers are as dedicated as ever and doing great things. They have been Contacting their clients each week to make sure they are okay and to provide emotional support, as well as assisting them with finding ways to meet their needs. Also, they have sent their clients “Just thinking of you” notes.

They are also engaging in self care and keeping themselves busy in many ways. Here’s a few things they are doing for themselves: riding bikes, cleaning out the garage, reading, crocheting, doing puzzles, fishing, sleeping in, chopping wood, painting beautiful pictures, rock painting, walking, gardening, and genealogy.

Case Management:

Our case managers are also working hard to stay in touch and meet the needs of their clients remotely. They have come up with a variety of ways to "meet" with their clients virtually and are continually looking for new resources and supports to help each individual.

We hope you enjoy the videos we've worked on and find the virtual resources helpful, but above all, we hope this message finds you healthy and safe!

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