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Boost Your Budget with VA Healthcare

Did you serve in the military and are you living on a fixed income?

According to the Institute on Assets and Social Policy, one-third of senior households has no money left over each month or is in debt after meeting essential expenses.

Let us talk about your budget and goals.

Have you considered the VA Health Care system to help you meet your unique health care needs? It is a comprehensive health care resource, and benefits within the system can assist you financially.

As a military veteran, consider these five VA Health Care (VHC) money management tips to make the most of your money:

1. No monthly premium is required to participate in VHC. A short application is necessary. It will operate as useful complement to your Medicare and existing private insurance.

2. High quality hearing aids are accessible at a low cost. In certain instances, no cost.

3. Insulin and diabetic supplies are available for a low co-pay.

4. VA has an extensive medication plan. No monthly premium is required. High tier drugs are generally available with a lower co-pay than private insurance.

5. Long term in-home help is offered for health compromised veterans. VHC pays the cost for nurses’ aides and homemakers to come to your home.

Additionally, VA Health Care provides incontinence supplies, durable medical equipment, personal emergency fall buttons, caregiver programs, nursing home care, and much more.

Veterans are at the heart of VA Health Care!

If you want to learn how to apply, please contact us at 435-673-3548!

Janeil Esplin is a licensed social service worker with a BS degree in Psychology.

As AAA-Five County expanded in 2016 to include direct service to military Veterans she gained Veteran Service Officer accreditation from the Utah Department of Veteran and Military Affairs. Specifically she specializes assisting 60+ year old veterans and veteran surviving spouses navigate the VA health and benefit programs.

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