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Come and Join the Fun!

At AAA-Five County, we offer a wide variety of volunteer opportunities. We do our best to place volunteers in the role that is the best fit for them, and we strive to make each of our volunteers feel valued and important. We always want our volunteers to know how important they are to our team and to feel that the work they are doing is important to them as individuals as well. We think we do a good job at this, but don't take our word for it. Here's what a few of our volunteers have to say!

Volunteerism has always been a family tradition that lasted a lifetime. My parents were involved in our Community and I remember being eight years old and handing out pamphlets on the street corner. There is nothing more gratifying than helping others on our planet. When I moved to Cedar City I was immediately impressed with the Arts culture and opportunities and while attending an Orchestra of Southern Utah performance at the Heritage Center, I was invited to sit with three fantastic ladies who introduced me to the Area Agency on Aging-Five County-Senior Companion Volunteer Program. I joined the Organization and became the companion of four beautiful clients, aged 54 to 86, who taught me so much about determination, courage and gratitude; as well as revealing their own personal passions and graceful secrets for living day-to-day. Volunteerism is two-fold – being thankful for new friendships and garnering self-fulfillment and joy. It has been life changing and enlightening! Come and Join the Fun! -Andie
I have lived in Utah's Dixie for over 17 years now. Came from Bay Area CA. Since I been in Utah I have volunteered as a 1) Elementary school coach for many years, 2) volunteering on AYSO Soccer board member and a coach as a team player. 3) hired at Dixie State now called Dixie State University as a house manager in drama and concerts etc. 4) off and on with the RSVP as volunteering. And now again RSVP. I love and care for people, and my heart is overwhelmed with JOY when I have opportunities to volunteer. -Jay, "Caring for one's good health one at a time!"
My name is Norita. My husband, Scott and I are active at the Enterprise Senior Center. Until COVID 19 we enjoyed the lunches and get togethers. I truly feel after age 60, when I first got involved, that if you can get involved in the Sr Center Activities it is very important. If our Centers aren’t used we could lose them!! You might not need it right now but down the road you will and it’s really nice to have a Center in our town! I am now 75, and serve as a Volunteer and Board member. Thankfully I still don’t need the services offered but enjoy helping others less fortunate. I have taken the Stepping On Classes and teach them in our Center. I was quite surprised how helpful these classes are and how much we can learn from our friends we meet!! Three of us took the Tai Chi classes and taught several classes in Enterprise. Both Stepping On and Tai Chi focus on balance and being aware of having more awareness in surroundings!! In teaching others it strengthens us!! A win/win situation!! Plus making lifetime friends is fun!! You also earn a little bit of money which is always nice!! We walk daily, swim a lot, have our grandchildren lots, attend school functions, even volunteering at the Elementary school! I paint Rocks, love animals, love movies and dancing!! Keeping busy is so good for our age group!! So get out of your comfort zone and come join us at the Senior Center!!- Norita

If you are interested in experiencing for your self the perks of being a part of our team, contact us at 435-673-3548 and ask about our volunteer opportunities or visit our website for more:

Kristina Raner has been with the AAA-Five County since 2015. She holds a master's degree in Public Administration and is a certified Dementia Specialist. Kristina serves as the lead for AAA-Five County's Benefits Enrollment Center, Long-Term Care Ombudsman Program, and Media Outreach. Additionally, she is the Program Director for our AmeriCorps Education Award Program.

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