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Knowledge You Need: Medicare and COVID-19 Vaccines

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

As COVID-19 Vaccines become available for Medicare beneficiaries, there are a few important things to know regarding Medicare coverage of the vaccine.

First, for doses of the vaccine purchased with tax dollars, the actual cost of the vaccine cannot be billed to any insurance company. Providers can, however, bill insurance companies a nominal administration fee. This fee cannot be passed on to Medicare beneficiaries. During the first year of vaccine administration, Original Medicare will be covering this cost, even if you have a Medicare Advantage Plan so when you go get your vaccine, provide your Original Medicare number on the consent form.

Second, scams around the COVID-19 Vaccine are prevalent. Currently, the COVID Vaccine is only available in limited settings. Advertisements for the vaccine through social media, email, telephone calls or other sources are likely scams. Remember, vaccine doses are limited and offers asking you to pay to get early access or on a waiting list are scams.

Important information from our friends at Southwest Utah Public Health Department:

  • Vaccine sign-ups for the week of February 8th will open today (Monday, February 1st) at 9am until full. Register online at (those without internet access can sign up by phone at 435-986-2549 between 9am-5pm. You may be placed on hold once you get through). Kane County scheduling will be done by phone at (435) 644-4994.

  • You may need to try again the week after (or later) due to current high demand.

  • There are separate clinics available for second doses only (make sure you sign up for the same brand you received the first time, Moderna or Pfizer).

  • You must register for a clinic in the county where you are CURRENTLY LIVING, which may include part-time residences. Bring something showing proof of current residence.

If you have questions about your Medicare Benefits and how it covers this or other vaccines, contact our SHIP Counselors at 435-673-3548.

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