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Learn to Live Well With Our Trio of Evidence- Based Self-Management Courses!

Updated: Apr 11, 2021

This free workshop series will provide education and build participants ‘confidence in managing their health to keep them active and engaged in their lives.

The Chronic Disease Self Management Program is for adults with chronic, ongoing health problems. There is strong evidence from peer-reviewed publications and program evaluations that participation in CDSMP workshops can improve physical and psychosocial outcomes and quality of life for people with chronic health conditions. Benefits include decreased pain and health distress, increased energy and less fatigue, increased physical activity, decreased depression, better communication with physicians, decreased social role limitations, and increased confidence in managing chronic disease.

2018 CDSMP Workshop held at the Cedar City Senior Center

Chronic Pain Self Management workshop participants will learn about strategies to overcome problems such as frustration, fatigue, isolation, and poor sleep; exercises for maintaining and improving strength, flexibility, endurance and pacing activity with rest; appropriate use of medications and evaluating new treatments; communication skills; and the importance of good nutrition in pain management.

Diabetes Self-Management education and workshops are a collaborative process through which people with diabetes gain the knowledge and skills needed to modify their behavior and successfully self-manage the disease and its related conditions. This process incorporates the needs, goals, and life experiences of the person with diabetes.

All three workshops have been developed by Stanford University and are guided by evidence-based standards. Participants attend the 2½-hour interactive workshop once a week for 6 weeks. In a typical workshop, participants set a realistic goal for the upcoming week and develop an action plan for meeting that goal. They report on their progress at the following workshop and solicit feedback from the group to help address any challenges. Program outcomes include participants who are more vitality or energy, less pain, less dependence on others, improved mental health, more involved in everyday activities, and more satisfied with their lives.

For more information on these programs, contact Maria at

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