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Self Care Techniques

Self care isn't always about having a spa day or treating yourself. Here are two great self care techniques that don't cost a penny and don't have to take a lot of time.

Deep breathing: we teach this to our caregivers and we use it ourselves! Focus on a word or phrase that makes you feel calm, then take a deep breath in while you count to four. Pause. Then count to four again while you exhale slowly. Feel a little less stressed? It works and you and you can do it anywhere. We have a couple breathing videos on our YouTube channel.

Meditation: several types of meditation have been shown to be helpful for stress. You can try different kinds and find what works for you: guided meditation, using a mantra, transcendental meditation, Tai Chi, yoga, even something as simple as prayer or focusing on things you're grateful for. The key elements are relaxed breathing, focused attention, and being in a quiet space.

For more discussion on these and other stress management techniques, check out our caregiver Facebook group and our virtual self care classes.

Heather Cox is a licensed Social Services Worker, Certified Dementia Specialist, Trainer, and RCI REACH Caregiver Coach with a B.S. in Psychology. She's been with AAA-Five County since 2013 and has worked in social services in southwest Utah since 2008.

Further reading on these subjects can be found at:

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