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Simple Ways to Celebrate this Valentines Day

I am one of those people who really do not appreciate Valentines Day. But we all need love and I want to offer a few ideas on how to celebrate with those we love.

Call a friend: We all have a friend we would like to talk to. It could be a sister, cousin, or childhood companion. Call them. If you don’t have their number try to google them. Not to long ago my friend Mandy from Australia called me, we have not seen or talked to each other since 1990. It was fun to catch up. Since 1990 a lot has happened to both of us from marriage, kids, divorce and grandkids. She is a favorite person, but time and distance has kept us apart.

Dance Party: My son loves to sing and some of my favorite memories are of him singing, playing a guitar or ukulele and me and the grandkids dancing. It can be as easy and turning on the radio, using the old record player or streaming. Dancing can be a good way to touch and hold each other or laugh and exercise.

I have a sister, Lisa who loves to send cards. I get them every so often and I love them. Nothing is better than something other than bills in the mail. I am not very good at correspondence, but I love it when I get mail.

Advent calendars can be for more than just the Christmas. They can be made with daisy chains, count down trees and hide away chocolates. They can be homemade, so you can in enjoy others company why you make them.

Have a Date. If you do not have a partner, get a group of friends and treat yourself. You can go early to bet the crowds. Not long ago I watched a husband and wife have Soup and Salad at the Olive Garden. It was midafternoon, no cell phones and they held hands. The date does not to be elaborate just something you want to do or eat.

Love Letters Years before the movie The Notebook, I knew a couple Ben and Laura and they had opposite schedules. One was a night owl, the other a sunshine morning person. They had a spiral notebook on the kitchen counter and each day the other would leave a note to the other. Sometimes it was details of the day, but mostly it was full of little I Love Yous.

Decorate: Create a festive environment with pictures from the past. I remember we had a dance, and couples brought their engagement photos and we had to guess the couple. Make sure when decorating not to use blinking lights or create fall hazards.

Make Cookies: Sugar cookies are fun to make, and can include the entire family. Usually I bake the cookies ahead and we decorate around the dining table. It is fun to laugh and create memories. We will sometimes have dinner before the activities, so we don’t fill up on cookies.

Pass the love on: Making cards, cookies and treats are great and can be shared with neighbors, the residents at a nursing home or even a homeless shelter

Say I Love You: Life is too short, and we all need to express love and receive love. Often, we hear more negative then positives. I am a firm believer in kindness and love. The more love you give the more comes in.

Tracy HeavyRunner is our Home and Community Based Program Director.

She has been with AAA-Five County since 1996. Tracy graduated from Southern Utah University and is a Social Service Worker. Additionally, she is a certified caregiver coach through the Rosalyn Carter Institute and a Master Trainer for the Chronic Disease, Diabetes and Pain Self-Management Programs.

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