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Staying Connected Over the Holidays via Technology

It’s great when you can get together in person over the holidays but for many reasons it’s just not always possible. Here are some ways you can celebrate and stay connected from a distance. Don’t be afraid to try using technology. Sites and apps like Zoom, Skype and Facebook Messenger are easy and free to use. You can also set up a family text group to share videos, photos and texts. There’s always one tech-savvy person in the family who can set up these things!

Here are some fun ideas for how to use these technologies to celebrate together.

  • Open gifts together on video chat.

  • Watch the same favorite holiday movie together while on video chat or texting back and forth about it.

  • Have your usual holiday cookie exchange on video chat and show the cookies you made and share recipes.

  • Video chat while prepping the traditional holiday meal.

  • Share funny holiday memes and holiday wishes and favorite memories on a family group text.

  • Share your neighborhood holidays lights. Go for a walk and share the lights via video chat app on your phone.

  • Have a family holiday toast on a group call or video chat.

  • Decorate your trees together on video chat.

  • Include those who can’t come to a gathering in person by video chat or taking videos on your phone to text to them later.

Have fun celebrating!

Heather Cox is a licensed Social Services Worker, Certified Dementia Specialist, Trainer, and RCI REACH Caregiver Coach with a B.S. in Psychology. She's been with AAA-Five County since 2013 and has worked in social services in southwest Utah since 2008.

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