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Telephone Reassurance: Connecting Our Community One Call at a Time.

Volunteers and call recipients needed for friendly telephone reassurance calling program!

The Area Agency on Aging aims to address health priorities associated with social isolation and loneliness through telephone reassurance program. Through this free program, volunteers are screened and matched to isolated, home-bound adults in need of social interaction.

Telephone Reassurance Program volunteers call program participants on a periodic basis to check on their well-being. Recent studies show that loneliness and isolation are leading contributors to decline, both mentally and physically. Socialization services have been shown to be critical in enabling seniors to remain in their own homes for as long as possible. Early intervention strategies like this can delay or sometimes even prevent nursing home placement, which is more costly than community-based services.

“A community volunteer calls another community member daily or weekly to check on their safety, security, well-being, and help identifies concerns before they escalate into more serious hardships,” said Kristina Raner of the Area Agency on Aging, “Calls take no longer than five minutes. Volunteers do not visit clients in person; outreach is strictly by phone for everyone’s privacy.”

AAA-Five County is seeking both volunteers who are willing to donate their time by calling older adults, as a way of providing companionship and reducing social isolation, and seniors who live alone or are isolated and would benefit from regular connection. A friendly phone call can be the reassuring voice to brighten the day of those on both ends of the line.

If you are interested in volunteering for this program or if you or a loved one would like to be a recipient of these calls, reach out to Maria Bailey at 435-673-3548 or, for more information.

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