Update on Senior Center Services

Senior Centers in the Five County area are operated at the County level, but AAA-Five County remains in close contact with each of the Counties and their designated Senior Center Staff. At this time, each County has made their decisions related to operations within their centers. Many have chosen to begin limiting certain services and activities. However, the Counties are working to establish procedures to assure critical services. In particular, Home Delivered Meals will continue.

Beaver County: After talking with Commissioner Pearson this morning, Beaver County Senior Center leaders decided it was best to stop the potential spread of germs, in hopes that the current concerns will resolver sooner. As of Monday. March 16, 2020:

  • Beaver Senior Center: Will serve Monday's Congregate Meal, then continue with Meal Deliveries for MOW Clients and Congregate meal participants, until at least the end of March. All center activities at the center will cease during this time as well.

  • Milford Senior Center: For the remainder of March, Meal Deliveries for MOW Clients and Congregate meal participants and all center activities at the center will cease during this time as well.

  • Minersville Senior Center: For the remainder of March, Meal Deliveries for MOW Clients and Congregate meal participants and all center activities at the center will cease during this time as well.

The situation will be reassessed near the end of March, and it will be decided whether or not to resume normal operations. For further information regarding Beaver County Senior Centers, contact: Sheila Shotwell- beaverseniors@infowest.com or 435-483-5313.

Garfield County: At this time, Garfield County is not planning to close their centers. Senior Center leaders have been in contact with all of their seniors. MOW will continue to be delivered as usual. However, they could close at any time. In the event of a change, we will provide an update. For further information regarding Garfield County Senior Centers, contact: Donna Chynoweth- seniorcenter@scinternet.net or 435-862-4317.

Iron County: At this time, both the Cedar City Senior Center and Parowan Senior Center will be closed until at least April 1, 2020. Meal deliveries will continue for MOW clients. Senior Center leaders are also working to assess the needs of congregate meal participants and looking at either a meal pick up or delivery option on a temporary basis for those who need it. For further information regarding Iron County Senior Centers, contact: Curtis Crawford- ccrawford@ironcounty.net or 435-225-1222.

Kane County: At this time, both the Orderville "Long Valley" Center and the Kanab Center are closed for group activities, Meal deliveries will continue for MOW clients and curb side pick up will be made available for Congregate meal participants. Transportation services will remain available on as needed basis. For further information regarding Kane County Senior Centers, contact: Craig Hansen- kcareandshare@kane.utah.gov or 435-644-4968.

Washington County: The Washington County Coalition On Aging will be closing the Enterprise, Hurricane, and St. George Centers until April 6th.

  • Meals-On-Wheels program for all 3 centers will continue to run as usual in order to deliver the vital meals to MOW clients. To alleviate the MOW client’s anxiety, and the potential for the virus spreading, the MOW drivers will knock on the doors, wait for the client or caregiver to answer and hand the meal directly to them rather than entering the residence.

  • Congregate meals will be changed to a re-heat frozen meal and passed out during the usual meal times for each center. Patrons will call in and pre-order the meal for the next day.

  • Dial-A-Ride will continue to operate as well, but emphasis will continue to be placed on medical appointments, pharmacy runs for medications, groceries, and other such essential rides.

For further information regarding Washington County Senior Centers, contact: Jacob Browning- jacob.browning@washco.utah.gov or 435-634-5743.

On behalf of AAA-Five County nutrition staff and our senior center partners, we appreciate your patience as we work through these changes in normal operating procedures. We are continually receiving new information and updated directives related to COVID-19 and service delivery. We will continue to share those as promptly as possible when we receive them.

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