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Volunteer of the Month

Linda Peterson is a dedicated volunteer. When she moved to Southern Utah, she sought out opportunities to help to better the community she moved to. We first met Linda when she attended a Dementia Dialogues class shortly after she moved to Utah. She was interested in learning more so that she could help others around her navigate if needed.

Linda quickly began to volunteer as a preventative health program trainer. After receiving the Benefits Enrollment Center grant and discovering the need for volunteers, we let Linda know there was an opportunity. Even with all her other volunteer roles, she jumped on board!

Linda picked the work up effortlessly. Before long, Linda started to provide feedback and input on the process. She has become an integral part of our team. She always has new ideas to share with staff and her fellow volunteers, some of whom she has recruited herself.

Linda is kind and patient with those she works with, and she is easily trusted by them. She sticks with them and is available to answer any questions they might have. She is a trusted source of information to older adults in our area.

Linda is not only a valued volunteer, she is a leader. She has stepped up to assist other volunteers either by answering their questions or just being there to support them. Linda makes sure that the programs she volunteers in keep running. Regardless of what is happening in her own life, Linda is always the first to step up to help out, whether it be for the AAA or for her friends, neighbors, and community.

Linda is a valued part of our team. We appreciate her hard work, dedication, and compassion. Please join us for thanking Linda for her volunteer service, as she spends February as our AAA-Five County Volunteer of the Month.

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