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Volunteer of the Month

Our March volunteer of the month is Karen Frank, who has served for 3 years as a Senior Companion for AAA-Five County.

Karen was born and raised in Wisconsin in a small farming community where she attended Hammond St. Croix School, which went from kindergarten through twelfth grade. As a young mother of two, a son and a daughter, she lived on a farm raising chickens and a huge garden. They grew almost everything they ate and had enough left over to sell at the local farmers market.

Karen said when they moved to Utah it took nearly two months to get here! They stopped to visit the Badlands, Mt. Rushmore, Yellowstone and even rafted the Teton River.

She loves to camp but her great love is fishing. She said, “I would fish anywhere, even in a mudpuddle!” At an early age her father, who was a veterinarian, instilled a love of animals. She loves to ride horses when she has the opportunity and adores her two little chihuahuas and her bird.

Karen’s love of animals spills over to her service as a Senior Companion. One of her ladies could not have a cat of her own so Karen took her to the local animal shelter where she could play and pet the cats all she wanted. They loved this activity and went there several times.

Karen is a fantastic Senior Companion who currently serves four wonderful senior ladies every week, spending 4 hours with each. Her ladies appreciate the opportunity to go shopping, run errands and occasionally have a little lunch together. Sometimes they enjoy playing a game of cards or just sitting together visiting or reading. One of her ladies has recently had some serious health issues so Karen has spent a lot of time at medical appointments with her. Karen loves being a Senior Companion and feels her ladies are her friends.

Thank you Karen for your time and commitment serving as a Senior Companion!

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