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Wondering What to Expect At The 19th Annual Southern Utah Seniors Conference? Wonder No More!

The Southern Utah Seniors Conference is just days away. Whether you’ve attended in the past or this is your first time attending, it’s going to be an exciting event! Today we would like to introduce our speakers and their topics.

The main session will begin with an introduction and overview by Carrie Schonlaw, Director of the Area Agency on Aging- Five County. Following her introduction, we will have a fun and interactive game of Name That Tune, lead by Kate Nance of Utah Adult Protective Services. The highlight of our conference is Keynote speaker, Leslie Fried, Senior Director of the Center for Benefits Access at the National Council on Aging. In her address, Ms. Fried will use the phenomenon of the 17-year cicadas to tie together the past, present and future, while helping to make connections to life-enhancing programs and services.

After the keynote address, we will have an interactive activity to get you up and moving. Join Maria Bailey, RSVP director for the Area Agency on Aging – Five County as she leads a few stretches from the Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program.

In order to make the Southern Utah Seniors Conference the best possible experience for your unique interests, the second half of the conference consists of three different breakout session options that you will be able to choose to attend live on ZOOM. Don’t worry if you have a hard time choosing between the sessions. All the sessions will be recorded and you can watch the other two sessions on the conference website shortly after the conference. Once you have registered for the conference, you will receive a link to a survey where you can choose the session you want to watch live.

We hope to see everyone at the 19th Annual Southern Utah Seniors Conference. If you have questions, feel free to contact us!

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