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It's Not Too Late! Review Your Medicare Options Today!

Medicare Open Enrollment

Senior Health Insurance Information Program (SHIP) offers FREE Medicare counseling and open enrollment services.

Learn how to understand Medicare Benefits and Plans.

Let AAA-Five County Medicare Counselors review your future or present Medicare plan. Find out if you have the best plan at the best price.

• Review Medicare Advantage, Prescription Drug and Medigap Supplement plans.

• How does your plan stack up against other plans out there?

• Is the cost going up next year?

Learn about Medicare Free Services.

Welcome to Medicare, Annual Wellness Visits, and other services are available at NO cost to you!

What Medicare shots are available through your doctor or pharmacist at NO cost?

Flu, pneumococcal and Hepatitis B. You pay nothing if your provider accepts assignment from Medicare.

Learn about Medicare covered preventive medical services.

Your doctor can do Free Screenings for Lung, Prostate, Breast, Cervical, Colorectal Cancer. Also, other screenings for Mental health issues, Diabetes, glaucoma, Cardiovascular, Bone density issues and many more.

Learn what subsidies are available to lower your healthcare costs.

SHIP counselors will confidentially work with you, government agencies and providers to assure your healthcare program is best for you now and in the future.

PREVENT Medicare Fraud.

The Senior Medicare Patrol (SMP) will help you with billing issues, scams, identity theft and all forms of Fraud.

Open Enrollment.

Medicare open enrollment runs from Oct 15 to Dec 7.

Visit for more information. Call 435-673-3548 or 435-867-6020 to speak to a AAA-Five County Medicare Specialist.

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