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Movement Based Self-Care

Often, we overlook taking care of ourselves. We are so busy caring for others that our own physical needs are set aside. According to the World Health Organization leading a sedentary lifestyle is one of 10 leading causes of death and disability. The Area Agency of Aging-Five County offers four physical activity programs through RSVP – Retired and Senior Volunteer Program, that are evidence-based to help with our health. The benefits of the Evidence based programs are:

  • Prevention or delays in diseases such as stroke, heart attack, diabetes, depression, and dementia

  • Improved Mental Health

  • Decreased Risks of Falls due to strength building

  • Improved Balance

  • Social Engagement

  • Improved Cognitive Function

  • Longer Life

  • Improved bone density

  • Improved confidence and independence

The programs we offer are:

Tai Chi for Arthritis was designed by Dr. Paul Lam who suffered from arthritis since his teen years. He found that the slow gentle movements of the Sun style was beneficial. He then modified it to make it easier for those suffering with arthritis. Tai Chi originated as a martial art centuries ago and has many benefits such as improvement of balance, reduced stress, arthritis pain relief and increased self-confidence. It is very calming and peaceful with gentle and fluid movements. According to Dr. Paul Lam, “A lot of people with arthritis don’t know they can do Tai Chi, even though the Sun style is slow and gentle, it does have high-risk moves as well. We took the part that was more effective for healing and put in modification so that anyone could do it.” RSVP has certified leaders who also teach a seated version for those that are not able to stand. Those that participate in seated Tai Chi have also experienced many of the same benefits. For more information visit, Tai Chi.


Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program is a low impact recreational exercise program that incorporates a brief educational instruction along with the exercises. It is taught by certified instructors and the class length is 8 weeks.

The objectives of AFEP (Arthritis Foundation Exercise Program) are to improve:

  • Functional ability

  • Self-confidence

  • Self-care

  • Mobility

  • Muscle strength

  • Coordination

This program has proven to reduce:

  • Fatigue

  • Pain

  • Stiffness

The program is for anyone of any activity level. It includes exercise activities including warm up, range of motion and stretching, cardiovascular endurance and cool down. Balance and coordination exercises are also included. The instructor also teaches breathing and relaxation techniques. This information is found at

Walk with Ease is a 6-week walking program designed to assist in developing a walking plan for each individual. The program has been proven to reduce the pain of arthritis and improve overall health. The goal is to teach participants how to set up a contract and walking dairy and to start moving safely toward better health. Information, tips and strategies along with warmup exercises, stretches and cool down exercises and a 10-30 minute walk are included in each class. This class is designed to meet individual needs. Studies by the Thurston Arthritis Research Center and the Institute on Aging of the University of North Carolina show that Walk with Ease is proven to:

  • Reduce the pain and discomfort of arthritis

  • Increase balance, strength and walking pace

  • Build confidence in your ability to be physically active

  • Improve overall health

Stepping On is a seven week fall prevention program designed for people who have fallen or are afraid of falling. It is an evidence-based program that has proven to reduce falls by 31%. This program helps improve positive lifestyle changes to help participants stay independent, upright and active. Some of the content of the program includes risk appraisal, sharing fall experiences, exercises and moving about safely. The program goes over home hazards, how you can identify and reduce them. Additional subjects covered are: community safety, footwear, vision and practicing safe mobility which includes balance and strength exercises. This information is found at

All of our classes are Free and led by certified instructors. Each one includes the materials, manuals and information needed to complete the class and be successful.

Please contact Maria Bailey at 435-673-3548 X103 for upcoming classes and times.

Maria has worked with older adults for the past fifteen years. Currently, she coordinates the day-to-day activities of the RSVP program in the Five County Region (Washington, Iron, Beaver, Kane, and Garfield counties). This includes recruiting seniors age 55+, training, and assigning them to various volunteer opportunities based on interest and need, and tracking their progress and recognizing them for their contributions.

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